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- My Story -

Hello it’s great to meet you here! I am Lauretta Togonu-Bickersteth, a hospitality Consultant; coach and trainer my Students and colleagues call me Ms.B! Feel welcomed here to do the same.

About Ms.B

I am here to inspire young people thinking about this career; or confused about its potential; especially young Women; with solutions linked to the Hospitality Industry. I help them visualize their self- worth, to experience a powerful Joy and Passion that leads to self-actualization and self-drive!

I have started this blog intentionally to inspire, motivate, support young SERVICE STARS– the name I call any one giving SERVICE within the hospitality and tourism career Path. I thrive on helping SERVICE STARS and their employers understand and promote EXCELLENT service through SERVICE WORK as a service to PERSONS. I do this by sharing information and coaching them on the value of great hospitality and Tourism Service.

My Experience

I am here with over 15years of experience of training, coaching, consulting, and networking; within and linked to Hospitality and Tourism; with young people and professionals in both Industries at home and abroad.

I am an AWARD (African Women in Agricultural Research and Development) Fellow. I am a 2 times Deputy Secretary and Fellow of HATMAN (Hospitality and Tourism Management association of Nigeria) and a Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality UK.

I mention these to let you know you have the FULL SUPPORT of a passionate, experienced and recognised hand.Why not join our SERVICE DRIVE and share our slogan- THIS IS HOSPITALITY too! And walk away I hope; every moment from here- equipped & SELF-DRIVEN- to SERVE and make your SERVICE dreams real; and into an unseen ever before impact!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

The provision of Food, drink, accommodation to people away from home. This may include providing other entertainment, leisure activities, services or facilities.

Yes, absolutely. The service value chain it creates also creates opportunity for lots of hospitality career paths.

Connect them to me? we can help or let us know your preferred option to help

Loads of things besides its core operations- Housekeeping, Front desk, and food and beverage production to deliver excellent service and become the BEST service STAR.

It depends on the institution you apply to start a hospitality program ;in Nigeria or abroad then you get a range of level qualifications- Certificate in Hospitality, National diploma in Hospitality, Higher diploma in Hospitality, and so on.

ALL the possible level as known for other career paths- Certificate level, Intermediate, National Diploma, Higher Diploma,, PhD, Associate Professor or even Professorship and so on.

Absolutely for schools abroad you can start online checking for many available and (book me) for any inquiries or help. For schools in Nigeria one of the best options you may want to chose is WAVECREST COLLEGE OF HOSPITALITY

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