Ms B is like an Angel that was sent to me .Some people think she is a strict and inconsiderate No! She is not. She is a mother and a best friend. She gave me hope when there was no hope for me.

    I met Ms B at Iwollo Conference Centre, where she came for a Retreat. I was introduced to her by the Administrator because she was a lecturer at Wavecrest college of Hospitality where I had applied to study. she immediately became my best friend; and a Mother to me even without her Knowing. I got admitted in 2014 but lost it due to financial constraints. She kept encouraging me and around January 2015, Ms B introduced me to a Muslim Family in Lagos State for whom I worked as a cook .

    I got the second admission in 2015, started studies in November. Ms B was my Lecturer throughout the 2 years I spent at Wavecrest college of Hospitality. She made me aware of my potentials and taught to always have self-confidence.Ms B is an Angel that was sent to me from above and I mean every word of it. She is the best friend I have ever had and the best Mentor. Ms B keep doing the good work of God and He will always be there for you. Thank you so much Ms B.


    Hospitality as they say is a service of receiving, welcoming, hosting or entertaining people, including strangers from various works of life. Hospitality is creating and giving an impeccable service and experience. It's a common knowledge that most of our today's youth do not know the essence of hospitality, being blindfolded to what it actually is. They believe hospitality to be a give and take thing lacking the actual skills of being hospitable which have destroyed many morals, relationships, and lives in general. Well, I once belonged to this school of thought until I was brought to the lime light of what hospitality truly and really is. I have no other person to thank and appreciate, other than *Ms B.* this, perhaps, is the most appropriate appraisal on how I got to be hospitable to everyone and of course, to myself as well.During the LSETF program sponsored by Lagos state government, I had the rare privilege of having great encounter with this eloquent, dynamic and sizzling Ms B. She thought me that hospitality begins with you (yourself) because what you have you give, and what you are, people emulate. Discovering hospitality has made me have great and fantastic confidence in myself than ever before, thereby, being social/sociable, helping people and bringing smiles to their faces.


    MS Togonu-Bickersteth Lauretta is a very wonderful woman and very easy to relate with.She is one of my role Model. She is someone that puts an effort towards the progress of hospitality and tourism coupled with her passion for the growth of the young people.She has mastered the art of living not for herself alone but for others especially the youth. She is a trainer and consultant in hospitality and tourism career.Been with her for some years, she has taught me how to be better, stronger and more bold in the hospitality career. She has motivated me in many things especially in the recent HATMAN (Hospitality and Tourism Management Association of Nigeria) award I received. She has helped me in believing in myself. She is an inspiration to the youth.


    I am Chinenye Gift Obiakor an HND graduate of hospitality Management from Wavecrest college of Hospitality. I discovered hospitality at the college with lecturers like Miss Bickersteth who won't give up on me. Ms B as she is fondly called has got a remarkable style of teaching that gets every student on their toes. Her toughness when it comes to classroom matters made me understand that Hospitality as a career takes discipline and hardwork. She has an excellent rapport with every student, which helped every student communicate with her freely making her the Favourite lecturer of Most of the students. Her course is one which requires loads of course work and research and this has helped sharpened my research and presentation skills. She's a perfect definition of discipline and Encouragement as she challenges me in all areas helping me discover more of my hidden potentials.I am sure she never knew she was building a strong professional as her push and strong will has helped me develop a "Can do" attitude where i believe i can achieve anything. Graduating from the college with an excellent grade, I never relented. My career goal is to become one of the highly sort after hospitality expert both home and abroad.


    "I choose to learn from the best. When it comes to learning about Hospitality, Ms Togonu-Bickersteth is that person -she's skilful, humble, passionate, teaching from personal experience,and excited to show you the way. Hospitality entails provision of accommodation and personal services for both travelling public and permanent resident and Tourism. This includes types of hotels and restaurant, the different departments in a hotel, duties Front Desk Associate with his or her qualities of receiving, welcoming and greeting of guests, Rooms allotment and reservation status, guest registration and various types of registration process. She also taught me how to convey proper communication between myself and other colleagues and to guests. And how to derive customer satisfaction by giving them a wow experience, I had the privilege to learn behavioural, personal and telephone etiquettes professionalism and also Gender and age specific services as per their unique and collective requirements. She also gave insight on company's Intellectual property rights and how to secure it. Also bearing in mind cleanliness in work place and personal hygiene practice, precautionary health measures to avoid work hazards. I have achieved Emotional superiority in my career path and helped to generate income in my organization at the same time helping the society at large in terms of revenue. Lastly,all have learnt from Ms.B on Hospitality has helped to improve my soft skills just to mention a few,not just during the course but beyond".


    My name is Tamara Egbedi and i am the Founder of “PachaMama Foods” which is an agri-business company based in Nigeria and our business is centred on producing healthy food products that are easy to make, affordable, proudly Nigerian, value driven and a means to change the narrative of Africa by helping eradicate malnutrition and address poverty.

    I have known Lauretta for 5 years when she directly taught me continental cuisine and hospitality when I enrolled in Wavecrest College of Hospitality for a customised course. I was impressed with her level of professionalism, expertise in food technology, customer service, knowledge on quality, food and most importantly her passion for hospitality and top standards. These were the key factors that made me work with her from the initiation of my food business 3 years ago and she has been key to its establishment. Lauretta has greatly contributed with her expertise to my food business, formula creation, assistance in obtaining our certification from the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), training of my staff in quality, factory cleanliness, mentoring to our all-female staff and coaching for myself on running a food factory and business.

    She is one of the best in the food and hospitality as she never compromises on standard which is an added value in Africa and is very technically sound on the science behind food; this she showed when she directly worked with the Nigerian fabricator of all my processing equipment in order to ensure each machine produced the expected results. Till date, we work together to create delicious and healthy meals for the family and they are published on the company's website http://pachamamafoodsng.com/recipes/wavecrest-college-of-catering-hospitality-recipes/.

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