I support young Females with solutions in the hospitality industry. This helps them to visualize their potential and self worth, to experience a powerful Joy and passion; in serving; while they achieve self- actualization.

  • Coaching & Mentoring

    As a passion filled female and hospitality consultant and trainer I desire to support females considering the hospitality career path or females facing challenges within the hospitality career path; using my many years of coaching and training expertise; home and abroad. My Passionate has lead me to create this platform –hospitalityandmsb.

    I have over 25 years coached and mentored young females with many of them working at home here in Nigeria and abroad in, out of or linked to the hospitality Industry.

  • Business Solution & Training

    I love quotes they say many things of value in a “nutshell” and aptly. One as follows:
    The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and HAVING THEM STAY.

    In today’s businesses in which SERVICE STARS (the name I call people delivering professional services in Hospitality & Tourism); work; there is an essential need for lots of service staff to be trained , oriented and re-oriented about the SPIRIT OF SERVICE – HOSPITALITY; besides Professionalism.

    In addition, hospitality and tourism businesses need to recognize the importance of microscopic details of service as essential components of an operation; besides strategic planning and organisation as a key part of successful service delivery; and customer satisfaction; to create loyal and consistent customers.

    These and more are also achievable; along with loads of RE-Thinking outside the norm and “box”. If they also recognize the need to operate with a 360 degree approach and ensure that all the “niches” in a service delivery chain in their business is effectively jointly managed- not just OWNER CONTROLLED!

  • Career consultations

    “I have an idea of who I want to be, I have a vision of my own success” Wiz Khalifa; but it could be difficult convincing parents, guardians, elder siblings……………………….
    “Confidence comes from discipline and training” Robert kiyosaki
    “Inside of every problem lies an opportunity”

    “Inside of every problem lies an opportunity” I love quotes for their brevity and exactness in stating things as they ought to be. Lots of females working in hospitality, studying hospitality, considering a hospitality career path, doubting their hospitality career path; exist around the globe; and they need career coaching, support, encouragement, inspiration, mentoring; and how to discover opportunities in this dynamic WORLD of Hospitality and Tourism. The unlimited OFFER; but unknown to them; along with the obstacles that come with their decisions. I support with consultation and free services to act as a dependable bridge to boost your confidence truly; especially if no one understands YOU when you decide to chose a hospitality career and be a SERVICE STAR- I do!In this career consultation session I support you apologetically to anyone; and unconditionally; to DISCOVER and be YOUR BEST SELF through your chosen career path.

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